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Environmental Health & Safety Office
BSB Room 112

Lisa Johns (EHSO Coordinator):
  Phone: (808) 692-1855

Rozalia Laczko:
Phone: (808) 692-1854

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my Flammable Storage Limits?

  • The maximum limit for flammables stored outside of approved flammable storage is 10 gallons per lab room

What do I do with my Acrylamide Waste?

  • Polymerized acrylamide gels (solid) may be thrown into the regular municipal trash.
  • Unpolymerized gel waste (liquid) or semi-polymerized gel waste (liquid/solid) must be submitted to EHSO as hazardous waste.
  • Unwanted acrylamide material reagents (solid powder form or liquid solutions) must be submitted to EHSO as hazardous waste.

What do I do with my Ethidium Bromide Waste?

  • Ethidium bromide agarose gels and gel related wastes (e.g. gloves, pipet tips, kim wipes) must be contained in a leak-proof, puncture-proof container. Do not use red or biohazard labeled bags to contain the waste. Submit waste to EHSO as hazardous waste.
  • Ethidium bromide solutions or reagent powder must be contained separately and submitted to EHSO as hazardous waste.


What do I do if the Autoclave is malfunctioning?

  • Contact the Facilities Management Office.
  • Refer to the Kakaʻako BSB Standardized Autoclave Protocol for proper use of the autoclaves and the Kakaʻako Waste Disposal Guidelines for proper treatment of biohazardous waste.


Which Training Classes am I required to take?

  • All those who work in a JABSOM BSB lab are required to complete the following:
    • Lab Safety Training (Annually)
    • Hazardous Waste Training (Annually)
    • BioSafety Training (Annually)
    • Bloodborne Pathogens Training (Annually)
    • BioSafety Training (Annually)
  • Job Specific Training
    • Biowaste & Autoclaving Training (Once)
    • Bioshipping (Biennial Recertification)
    • Radiation Safety Training (Annually)
  • Please use the Safety Training Checklist to keep track of your training dates and refer to the Kakaako Safety Training Schedule updated periodically. You may also want to visit the various EHSO Safety Program Web Sites for more information about the training classes offered.

What do I do with my WASTE or UNWANTED MATERIALS?

Refer to the Kakaako Waste Disposal Guidelines or contact JABSOM EHSO

How do I MAIL chemical, radiological, biological hazardous materials?

  • Contact JABSOM EHSO for assistance.
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