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Safety Training Requirements

Hazardous Material & Hazardous Waste Turn-In Form (with instructions)

Lab Personnel Safety Checklist & Training Log

Eye Wash Log

The use of open flames in JABSOM Biosciences Building Laboratories is strongly discouraged by the University of Hawaii Environmental Health and Safety Office.  Every effort shall be made to find alternatives to using open flames (electric sterilizers, disposable supplies, etc.).  In the event that alternatives have been tried and are not successful for your type of work, you may submit this Open Flame Request Form for the temporary use of open flames.  Once completed, email or mail this form to JABSOM EHSO for approval ( or Campus mail to BSB 112).
Open Flame Request Form



Once each identified problem has been rectified, state the date it was corrected and include any comments if you wish. Please sign and return the form to Lisa Johns at JABSOM EHSO ( or campus mail to JABSOM EHSO – BSB 112). EHSO may conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure corrections were made.

Laboratory Inspection Checklist

General Facility Audit Checklist

General Facility Audit Checklist

External Agency Inspection Procedures

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