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Safety Training

Safety Training Requirements

Lab Safety training is required for anyone working in the JABSOM Biomedical Science Building regardless of if you work in a lab or not. Training covers contents of the Chemical Hygiene Plan, physical and health hazards of chemicals, methods and observations used to detect hazardous conditions, as well as JABSOM Kakaʻako specific policies.

All training is done online through the BioRAFT website. Email Lisa Johns ( to be enrolled.

For more information about training, please go to the Training Requirements link below.

Training Requirements

Safety Training Links – BioRAFT

BioRAFT Safety Training

Direct Shortcut – BioSafety Office

BioSafety Office Trainings 

Ladder Safety Information

Training and guidelines for all ladder users at UH Jabsom at Kaka’ako :

Ladder Safety Training with certifications

University of Hawaii Safety Programs

UH Biological Safety Program

Contact Stephen Case, MSPH, RBP for assistance
(808) 956-8009
(808) 285-7545 (cell 24/7)

Click here to find more information about Biosafety Training.


UH Radiation Safety Program

Nancy Miyake, Radiation Safety Officer
Phone: (808) 956-6475

Click here to find more information about Radiation Safety Training.

Personal Protective Equipment

Respirator Protection

Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirator Training Handout

Respiratory protection, when properly fitted and worn, can be an effective means to protect individuals from infectious diseases that are transmitted through airborne infectious particulates. A risk assessment must be conducted by the PI/Supervisor and/or EHSO to determine if a respirator is required and what type of respirator is appropriate to the hazardous conditions present. Contact Kakaʻako EHSO with any questions regarding respirators

Requirements for the use of Respirators (Appendix D)

When an individual is required to wear a respirator to prevent occupational exposure to hazardous materials, the individual must have medical clearance to use/wear a respirator, must complete annual fit testing for each respirator that will be used, and must complete annual respirator safety training.

JABSOM Medical Students

Please review handout and videos before fit testing (required):

For your information:

REMINDER: Do not eat, drink, or brush your teeth 30 minutes prior to your fitting. Men must also be cleanly shaven. 

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